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Conversations about computation writ large,
with Michael Littman and Dave Ackley.

Nov 5, 2022

Andrew Davison is Professor of Robot Vision (🔗) at Imperial College London, and leads the Dyson Robotics Laboratory (🔗). Andrew invented the SLAM algorithm for robot mapping and navigation, and as this fast conversation makes clear, Dave and Michael are both big fans.

[Thumbnail based on image courtesy of...

Oct 2, 2022

Reclusive New York Times best-selling author John Twelve Hawks (🔗, 🔗🔗) joins Michael and Dave to discuss problems of the world today and possibilities of the world tomorrow -- including AI risks, technological centralization, machines acting like people and people acting like machines, sex drives for...

Sep 5, 2022

Peter Norvig 🔗, who literally (co)wrote the book 🔗 on Artificial Intelligence in the 1990s, talks with Michael and Dave about how the field has changed over the years, AI fairness and ethics, what is a symbol, and much more.

[Cover image based on "Peter Norvig in 2019 at the Interval"  🔗 , licensed CC BY-SA...

Aug 1, 2022

Oriel FeldmanHall, Brown University assistant professor and director of the Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab (🔗, 🔗), joins Michael and Dave in a wide-ranging discussion starting with what reinforcement learning does and doesn't mean -- and she turns the tables to ask what computer scientists do and don't get...

Jul 1, 2022

Michael and Dave tackle the big questions and settle two of them: Is Agency A Zero Sum Game? Why Do (Internet of) Things Suck? How Can We Turn Computation Away From Centralization?

[Image of ancient Philips Hue Controller operating without internet access, used by permission of Dave the owner]